Lund Racing offers industry leading vehicle calibration and customer support.

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We stand by our products and make sure that they are optimized for both performance and safety.

When you purchase a Lund Racing tune, you become a part of the Lund Racing team, backed by years of satisfied daily drivers, weekend warriors, and record breakers.

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Our products have countless hours of research and development behind them, done by the leading late model ford calibration specialists.

A team that helps those who need it

How would I leave a good review on the great service you have provided for me? I don’t have Facebook or Instagram or any of those social media websites. I just want to leave a good review because a lot of times people only hear about the bad things that people do but I want to leave a good review so that other people know that you guys are a great company and you guys take care of your customers. I have PTSD from Iraq, I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff out there and my car is the only way to take my mind off those things and with you guys having my back as far as tuning I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys making my car run absolutely perfect.

A driven team

WOW!!! Really want to say thanks for all the help getting my ngauge unlocked, now that my mustang is tuned, all I can say is she’s now locked and loaded!!! So Tyler, Brandon, John Nardi, and Jon Lund and the rest of your family, THANK YOU!!!!!! P.S. I can never go back to a canned tuner, this is awesome.

A team with Great Customer Service

Just wanted to say how pleased I am once again with the quick reply times and outstanding customer support from everyone at Lund Racing. Just installed the Fore Innovations return style fuel system on my 2017 procharged mustang and you guys got it dialed in super fast and answered every question I had along the way. Alex is the man when it comes to customer service!!! Thanks again guys!!!

A team who cares

I want to let you know of the expert service and recognition I have received. I have dealt with John Nardi and Brandon. I am from Canada and if you were in my shoes you would understand how difficult it can be to get stuff done around here unlike the USA. With that said I have used other places that tune based on all the "hype" and online presence. I'm sure you know what i mean. You guys sit back, get the job done, you don't boast or argue with customers on Facebook and simply are genuine. Its funny how that quiet guys sit back and get the job done instead of barking and boasting all the time and not providing the service. I have often had to re-introduce myself over and over to some of these other places after I paid money. "Hey I'm the guy with the red mustang that lives in Canada, remember me from last month" It gets frustrating. Then they hide and don't respond, don't take calls etc. So in the end I want all of you guys to know that you have taken care of me and still are.. and will forever with my business to you. Your instructions and requirements are way more elaborate but I understand why now. I get you deal with a bunch of idiots and thank you for not painting a true customer with the same brush. Keep up the good work and I will always have your back if I see stuff on social media. Again thank you for treating me like a person!